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04 2021

A high-voltage genrator salers refers to a motor with a rated voltage du above 1000V. The voltages that are often used are 6000V and 10000V. Due to different power grids in foreign countries, there are also voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V. High-voltage chinese characters generator are produced because the genritor total china power is proportional to the product of voltage and current.Therefore, the power of low-voltage grip generator service increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V). The current is limited by the allowable capacity of the wire, and it is difficult to increase, or the cost is too high. It is necessary to increase the voltage to achieve high-power output. The advantages of high-voltage generator power are large power and strong impact resistance; the disadvantages are large inertia, which is difficult to start and brake. The working principle of high-voltage motors:

1. Motor input power

2. The current produces electromagnetic induction between the stator and the rotor

3. Electromagnetic repulsion

4. Push the rotor (the stator is fixed)

5. Rotate work

6. Transmission drives other equipment

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