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Automatic Synchronize cabinet and principle


08 2020

I. Overview

The automatic synchronize diesel generators steps synchronization parallel system synchronizes two or more generators to the same busbar  through an automatic electronic control device. Each china address generator control panel has special equipment, and the common equipment is placed in the output cabinet. The power is distributed through the power balancer and automatic voltage regulator

2. Combine cabinet equipment and structure

1. Synchronous Controller

1.1 Speed regulator:

The regulator is prepared by the diesel unit and controlled by the central controller during parallel operation, so that the speed and load of the chinese phone number generator are controlled within the allowable error range of the set value.

1.2 Automatic synchronizer:

The synchronizer compares the phase and frequency of the promate generator diesel that has not been combined with the busbarbar. When a phase difference occurs, a current signal is issued, which accelerates or slows the generator speed based on whether the generator deisel phase angle leads or lags the busbar phase angle. The size of the signal is proportional to the phase difference. When the phase and frequency match the specific "locking" time within the limited range, the synchronizer will close a set of normally open contacts and close the load air switch through relay control.

1.3 Central controller:

The controller integrates the electronic governor and power balancer in one. When the vehicle is not connected, the controller accepts the signal of the automatic synchronizer to change the running speed of the china generator manufacturer list so that the voltage frequency and phase of the about power generator are equal to the voltage frequency and phase of the busbar. After combining the vehicles, compare the actual load active power of the unit of power of diesel generator with the average equivalent voltage value of the total load, and compare the voltage frequency of the generator set manufacturers in china with the set frequency. Then superimpose the difference signal obtained by the two comparisons, and output the speed control signal, so that the active load can be set according to the preset Load distribution parameters

1.4 Slow Synchronous Display (S):

Once the voltage and frequency are close to the same, the display indication will slowly go back and forth between "-" and "+". When the waveforms of the chinese name generator and busbar are the same, the display will show that synchronization is occurring at the "in-phase" position.

2. Meter

2.1 Power meter (CP96): The power meter detects the load of the generator.

2.2 AC ammeter (CP96): The phase current detected by the ammeter.

2.3 AC voltmeter (CP96): The voltmeter detects the line voltage or phase voltage selected by the "voltage selection switch"

2.4 Frequency meter (CP96): Frequency meter detects voltage frequency

3. Sync protector

3.1 Reverse power protection: The reverse power protection device monitors the power load of the generator,

If the reverse power reaches the preset level (the adjustment range is 2%-20%) within a predetermined time (the adjustment range is 2%-20%), the load switch opens. Prevent one electric generator from being dragged by another. These presets are generally five seconds and less than 20% reverse power

3.2 Emergency stop protection device: If there is an emergency state in the mitsubishi generator or the parallel system, press the emergency switch of the parallel cabinet, the load switch will be opened in time, and the unit will stop.

4. Control cabinet indicator

4.1 Generator suppliers failure: When the indicator light is on, the central power generators has a low oil pressure or high water temperature failure

4.2 Reverse power failure: when the indicator light is on, a reverse flow failure occurs between the synchronize diesel generators steps and the alternator generator china manufacturer during parallel operation

4.3 Standby indication: when the indicator is on, the fujian generator is in standby

4.4 Operation indication: After the china address generator is running normally, the indicator light is on

4.5 Opening indication: when the light is on, the load air switch is in the open state.

4.6 Closing indication: When the light is on, the load air switch is in the closing state.

4.7 Power generation indication: When the light is on, the see saw power generator has output voltage to the cabinet.

3. System operation

1. Manual operation

1.1 Before starting the machine, check whether the phase sequence is correct. Before confirming the phase sequence, the control switch (SA3) of the public part cannot be closed. This step can be omitted in the operation after commissioning the unit.

1.2 Place the selector switch on the operation screen in the "MAN" position.

1.3 Start the first generator set.

1.4 After the power generator set starts normally, press the "Close" button, the air switch will close.

1.5 Start the second diesel generator set.

1.6 After the power generation is normal, check whether the voltage and frequency of the two machines are consistent. If they are inconsistent, adjust to the same. Press the "Close" button, and the automatic synchronizer will detect the synchronization and instruct the switch to close.

1.7 During shutdown, such as in the case of parallel cars and loads, in order to avoid opening the load air

Shut down and the generator to cause damage, and maintain the power supply quality of other generators, and the car cabinet has a "soft" unloading function, adjust the speed fine-tuning to reduce the speed of a machine that needs to be stopped to gradually reduce the load to a certain value, press " "Break", then stop.

1.8 If an emergency occurs, press the emergency stop switch, the generator will immediately open and stop.

2. Automatic operation

2.1 Place the selector switch on the operation screen in the "AUTO" (AUTO) position.

2.2 The first power generating unit will automatically start after the mains power failure. (It can also be operated manually)

2.3 The first unit starts normally and is delayed for 5 seconds (adjustable for normal operation of the unit), which is directly integrated into the main busbarbar to generate power.

2.4 Two seconds after the first unit is started, the second unit is started automatically, with a delay of 5 seconds (adjustable for normal operation of the unit), its speed is controlled by the synchronizer. When the voltage frequency, phase and busbar of the machine When the voltage frequency phase is the same, the synchronizer sends a closing signal,

2.5 In the single-machine operation state, if one of the units fails, the second unit will start automatically.

2.6 When the load air switch of the control panel of the generator set paralleling the vehicle is closed in parallel, the power balancer starts to work, and the generator power of each running load is automatically balanced according to the preset load distribution parameters

2.7 During shutdown, in order to avoid damage to the load air switch and generator, and to ensure the power supply quality of other generators, such as in the case of parallel system and loads, and the parallel cabinet has a "soft" unloading function, the adjustment speed is fine-tuned to reduce the need When the speed of a stopped machine gradually reduces its load to a certain value, press "open" and then stop.

2.8 If an emergency occurs, press the emergency stop switch, the dg generator will immediately open and stop.

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