• Electric Oil Heater For Diesel Generator Set
    Electric Oil Heater For Diesel Generator Set Jan 07, 2023
                   Cummins Diesel Engine Lub Oil Heater  Diesel Engine Oil Electric Heater Series Bisiyun Electric Oil Heater series products are devices for electric heating of engine oil before tractors and some diesel vehicles start in winter. When used, it is connected to 220V (volt) AC power supply, and the oil can be used within 30 minutes (minutes). ...
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is divided into two types: PC and CB Oct 21, 2022
    Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is divided into two types: PC and CB. The world-leading products representing the PC level include ASCO from the United States; those representing the CB level include Muller from Germany and Schneider from France. ATS generally consists of two parts: ① switch body; ② controller. 1.1 Switch electrical body The switch body is divided into two categories: The first ca...
  • Stamford alternator Aug 23, 2022
    As part of the STAMFORD® S series products, the S7 water-cooled generator inherits the characteristics of excellent product performance and reliable quality, which is very suitable for long-term continuous operation of marine applications, and has passed the IP44 test of an international third-party professional organization.   About Cummins Generator Technology Cummins generator technolo...
  • Diesel generator set supplier in China Jul 13, 2022
    Faced with the extreme dissatisfaction of the people, both the President and the Prime Minister agreed to step down. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also expressed his willingness to resign in order to form a new government involving all parties. Rajapaksa informed the Speaker that he had decided to resign on July 13 to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The change of regime has temporarily calmed...
  • May 25, 2022
    Automatic transfer switching apparatus, abbreviated as ATSE, is the abbreviation of automatic transfer switching equipment and also abbreviated as ATS in daily life. It is a switching apparatus that can automatically change the load from one power supply to another, so as to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of important loads. ATS classification ATS classification 1 Diagram medium volt...
  • Perkins Apr 11, 2022
    Perkins diesel generator sets have complete specifications and varieties; compact structure; stable and reliable performance; general maintenance is simple, operation and use technology are gradually familiar to Chinese customers; they meet the Euro 3 environmental protection emission standard, and the exhaust emission pollution is low. Introduction of perkins soundproof generator (Rolls-Royce die...
  • HFO Generator Set Service Provider from AI Power
    HFO Generator Set Service Provider from AI Power Feb 17, 2022
    HEAVY FUEL OIL POWER GENERATION HFO MAN GENSET MODEL HFO Generator Power (kW) Engine PDF Data 50HZ 60HZ Power(kW) Speed(rpm) V32/40 5,820-8,730 5,820-8,730 6,000-9,000 750/720 L32/40 2,910-4,365 2,910-4,365 3,000-4,500 750/720 V28/32S 3,647/4,103 3,492/3,929 3,760/4,230 750/720 L27/38 1,536-2,851 1,440-2,851 1,600-2,970 750/720 L28/32S 1,045-1,880 1,000-1,800 1,050-1,980 750/720 L23/30S 703-1,125 ...
  • Diesel generator set power supply Nov 30, 2021
    Diesel generator set power supply When powering the diesel generator set, the voltage and current of the diesel engine company and the oil pressure of the perkins generator  must also be detected. In normal operation, when the detected voltage and frequency exceed the set upper and lower limits (load), the load is cut off, and the perkins generator is in no-load operation; in no-load, if the ...
  • Noise db Reduce For Generator Set
    Noise db Reduce For Generator Set Aug 26, 2021
    The following describes the technical measures for noise reduction according to various noise sources: 1. Control of exhaust noise Exhaust noise is the most energy and component part of engine noise. Its fundamental frequency is the firing frequency of the engine, and the fundamental frequency and its higher harmonic extensions should be present in the entire exhaust noise spectrum. The noise comp...
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