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Xiamen BIAO Power Technology Co.,ltd. Who is devoted to the R&D and manufacture of diesel generator sets since its establishment in 2012,Located in Xiangan Binyinu Industrial Park, Xiamen Special Economic Zone,With modern standard production workshops and office facilities, it is a manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sell : engines, generator sets, natural gas generator sets and fans
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    Warranty For 2 Years​
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    Fastest Delivery Time
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Make products that understand customer needs and create value for customers. With advanced technical reserves and excellent product quality, UKKMS has successfully positioned the Chinese  upscale generator set market.
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BA Power Honorable Certificates with Business License BA Power productions are submitted to ISO8525, GB/T2820-97 and CE certification, and quality certified by ISO9001 & ISO14001 Management Systems to guarantee high quality products and service. Our products are widely applied to fields in resisdential, commercial, market, electric, rental, telecommunication, railway, building, electric power, military, factories, roads, oil, shipbuilding, ect, and exported to countries all over the world. Our Engine Brands: Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, MTU, Ricardo, UKKMS, ect. Control Panel Brands: UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, Smartgen Our Technical Support: We have professional engineers and designers who have been working in genset industry for over 10 years can provide fast and effective technical solution in time. Our Warranty: We provide one year or 1000hrs operation time whichever comes first as the standard period. And Consumable parts with Air, Fuel, Lub.oil filters included, all the failures and damages due to the mal-operation or neglect of maintenance and operation manual are out of our warranty scope. Our Commitments: All the products have passed the strict factory test before shipment to ensure the high quality. Products warranty terms are strictly enforced. High efficiency assembly and production line to ensure on-time delivery. Professional, timely, thoughtful and dedicated serviced are offered. Favorable and complete original accessories are supplied. Regular and Irregular Technical Training are provided all year around. 24/7/365 Customer Service Center provides fast and effective responses due to the Customer Service Demand.
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The UKKMS Gongtai Power brand focuses on the goal of “creating a world-class emergency generator set production supplier” and “repositioning the world to be'Made in China'”
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  • How to Check the Working Quality of Cummins Diesel Generator Governor
    How to Check the Working Quality of Cummins Diesel Generator Governor 1.Maintain standards The internal parts of the speed regulator are not allowed to be stuck during operation. The movement of various parts must be flexible, and the matching clearance between parts must meet the technical requirements. 2. Maintenance methods (1) Inspection and maintenance of speed regulating rotor parts: 1) When the flying iron frame and bracket rotate, there should be no jamming phenomenon. The rotor bearing is not allowed to be too loose or blocked or burned out. Otherwise, new parts should be replaced. 2) When the wear of the inner end of the fly iron exceeds 0.3 minutes, it should be repaired by welding repair. 3) When the matching gap between the flying iron seat frame bushing and the telescopic shaft exceeds 0.22mm, the bushing should be replaced with a new one. After the bushing is pressed in, it should be hinged with the telescopic shaft to ensure the matching size with the telescopic shaft. (2) Inspection and maintenance of speed control gear components. . The mating surface of the speed control gear sleeve is not allowed to have major scratches and eccentric wear. When the buffer spring is not equipped, the two should be able to rotate freely. If the buffer spring is found to be greatly deformed or damaged or broken during inspection, it should be replaced with new parts. When the buffer spring is in a free state, there should be a certain gap between the groups, and the gap between each piece should be less than 0.2mm. The transition arc and straight part of the assembled buffer spring should fit closely with the flange of the speed control gear and the shaft sleeve, and the contact length with the outer diameter of the bearing should be greater than half of the circumferential length. (3) Inspection and maintenance of speed regulating spring. After removing the speed regulating spring, a visual inspection should be carried out. If damage, cracks or distortion are found, the spring should be replaced with a new one. If the elastic force of the speed regulating spring does not meet the technical requirements, it should also be replaced. 3.Technical requirements (1) When the connecting pins and pin holes of the speed regulator are seriously worn and cannot be repaired, new parts should be replaced. (2) When the wear amount of the fly iron bushing and pin exceeds 0.15~0.20mm, the bushing should be replaced with a new one or the pin with an enlarged size should be replaced. (3) The weight difference between the two flying irons after repair should be less than 3g. (4) The flying iron seat frame should be able to rotate flexibly relative to the bracket by its own inertial force, and the flying iron seat frame should be able to swing freely on the seat frame.    


    21 2024
  • DC (Direct Current) load consumption
    It's essential to understand the power requirements of your DC load to properly size the power supply and estimate energy consumption. Additionally, efficiency factors may need to be considered, especially if the load operates intermittently or at varying power levels. Diesel generator sets have been widely used in industrial and agricultural production, science and technology, and daily life. However, when purchasing diesel generator sets, many customers always hope to purchase high-power diesel generators in order to save costs. During the long-term operation of the diesel generator set, the parts and components will produce a certain amount of loss. If it is light, it will affect the safe operation of the unit. If it is serious, it will cause the unit to fail to operate normally. So what losses will the diesel generator set produce during operation? 1. When assembling a diesel generator, a radiator will be installed and the shaft will be connected to the generator. At this time, the power of the generator set will be lost by 10% compared to the diesel engine. 2. DC loss, that is, the loss caused by the generator stator current passing through the stator winding. 3. Iron loss, that is, the magnetic loss generated by the generator magnetic flux in the generator, which includes three aspects: magnetic loss, eddy current loss and additional loss generated by the main magnetic flux in the stator core. 4. Excitation loss, that is, the loss caused by the excitation current in the rotor circuit when the generator is running. 5. Additional losses of electrical appliances, losses caused by leakage flux at the end of the generator in its vicinity. Losses caused by various harmonic fluxes. Iron losses caused by sub-harmonics and high harmonics on the surface of the rotor, etc. 6. Mechanical losses, that is, ventilation losses and friction losses of transmission components during operation of the generator set. In order to prevent the wear and tear of generator equipment and ensure the safe operation of the equipment, users are requested to focus on regular maintenance of these parts to improve the quality of maintenance and extend the service life of the generator. If you have any questions about generator maintenance/repair/maintenance/quotation, etc., please call us to consult the technical staff, Our technical staff will explain it to you in detail. Mobile/wechat/whatsapp:0086-13906008114 


    18 2024
  • Do you distinguish between light fuel storage and
    Do you distinguish between light fuel storage and "firewood storage" hybrid? As global climate change intensifies and climate governance processes accelerate, "double carbon" actions have become the core of global concern. Climate change directly affects fuel supply, energy production, and the actual resilience of current and future energy infrastructure. The current carbon neutral paths of various developed economies focus on energy transition, using diversified policy tools, focusing on low-carbon, Carbon-negative technological innovation, among which energy storage microgrid technology is the key to achieving the "double carbon" goal of the power system. Microgrid is the main technical form for realizing distributed energy. Energy storage technology, optimal control and energy management technology are the key technologies for building intelligent microgrid. As an important measure to solve the problems of energy intermittency and volatility in microgrids, energy storage technology can not only improve the utilization rate of distributed energy generation, but also effectively ensure the reliability of power supply, improve power quality, and improve system stability. In areas where the power supply network is difficult to cover or where there is no power supply temporarily, an isolated grid self-power supply method using diesel generator sets (hereinafter referred to as "diesel generator sets") is used. Although the diesel generator set under isolated grid power supply solves the power supply problem, it still has many problems: Photovoltaic-Diesel Hybrid: If "Photovoltaic-Diesel Hybrid" refers to a hybrid system of solar photovoltaic power generation and diesel generators, then this may be a solar hybrid energy system. In this system, solar photovoltaic panels and diesel generators work together to provide electricity. Solar photovoltaics are responsible for providing electricity when the sun is shining, while diesel generators come into play at night or when the sun is insufficient.


    10 2024
It is committed to integrating advanced technology into practical application scenarios. The leading national generator set brand
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