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Xiamen BIAO Power Technology Co.,ltd. Who is devoted to the R&D and manufacture of diesel generator sets since its establishment in 2012,Located in Xiangan Binyinu Industrial Park, Xiamen Special Economic Zone,With modern standard production workshops and office facilities, it is a manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sell : engines, generator sets, natural gas generator sets and fans
  • Warranty For 2 Years​
    Warranty For 2 Years​
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    Fastest Delivery Time
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    Low Fuel Consumption
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Make products that understand customer needs and create value for customers. With advanced technical reserves and excellent product quality, UKKMS has successfully positioned the Chinese  upscale generator set market.
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BA Power Honorable Certificates with Business License BA Power productions are submitted to ISO8525, GB/T2820-97 and CE certification, and quality certified by ISO9001 & ISO14001 Management Systems to guarantee high quality products and service. Our products are widely applied to fields in resisdential, commercial, market, electric, rental, telecommunication, railway, building, electric power, military, factories, roads, oil, shipbuilding, ect, and exported to countries all over the world. Our Engine Brands: Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, MTU, Ricardo, UKKMS, ect. Control Panel Brands: UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, Smartgen Our Technical Support: We have professional engineers and designers who have been working in genset industry for over 10 years can provide fast and effective technical solution in time. Our Warranty: We provide one year or 1000hrs operation time whichever comes first as the standard period. And Consumable parts with Air, Fuel, Lub.oil filters included, all the failures and damages due to the mal-operation or neglect of maintenance and operation manual are out of our warranty scope. Our Commitments: All the products have passed the strict factory test before shipment to ensure the high quality. Products warranty terms are strictly enforced. High efficiency assembly and production line to ensure on-time delivery. Professional, timely, thoughtful and dedicated serviced are offered. Favorable and complete original accessories are supplied. Regular and Irregular Technical Training are provided all year around. 24/7/365 Customer Service Center provides fast and effective responses due to the Customer Service Demand.
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The UKKMS Gongtai Power brand focuses on the goal of “creating a world-class emergency generator set production supplier” and “repositioning the world to be'Made in China'”
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  • How to resist interference in alternators
    How to resist interference in alternators Generator Set Alternator interference may have a certain impact on circuits and systems. The following are some common methods to deal with motor interference: Shielding: Shielding, such as a metal casing or shielded wire, can be added around a circuit or system to prevent electromagnetic waves radiated by the alternator from entering the circuit or system. Filtering: Add appropriate filters, such as low-pass filters or band-stop filters, to the circuit to remove high-frequency components caused by motor interference. Grounding: Proper grounding can reduce the impact of motor interference on circuits and systems. For example, before grounding, you should determine the grounding point and avoid high impedance in the ground loop. Cable routing: When routing cables, attention should be paid to the route and distance of the cables to reduce the impact of electromagnetic interference. You can use methods such as staying away from the motor, reducing the length of the cable, and avoiding parallel wiring as much as possible. Protection: For high-precision circuits and systems, protective measures such as metal shielding boxes and shielding covers can be used to reduce the impact of motor interference. Special devices: There are some special devices that can be used to resist motor interference, such as differential mode amplifiers, optocoupler isolators, etc. These methods can be used individually or in combination, depending on the circumstances. Voltage stabilization: Add voltage stabilizing devices, such as voltage stabilizing diodes, voltage stabilizing chips, etc., to the circuit to ensure the stability of the circuit power supply and reduce the impact of motor interference. Feedback: Adding a feedback control loop to the system can adjust the motor control signal in real time according to the system output signal to reduce the impact of motor interference. Isolation: Use isolation technology, such as photoelectric isolation, transformer isolation, etc., to isolate interference between circuits and systems and motors. Design: Consider the impact of motor interference in circuit and system design, and adopt reasonable circuit and system design solutions, such as reducing the number of coils and motor current, to reduce the impact of motor interference. It should be noted that the above method does not completely eliminate the impact of alternator interference, but only reduces the impact of alternator interference. In practical applications, multiple factors should be considered comprehensively and appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the impact of motor interference. Additionally, there are some common methods for specific types of motor interference: Stepper generator interference: Use higher power supply voltage, reduce generator current, reduce step angle, improve the design of stepper generator driver, etc. to reduce stepper motor interference. Brushless DC alternator interference: Use higher ...


    29 2023
  • What are the general troubleshooting methods for Diesel generator set
    What are the general troubleshooting methods for Diesel generator set Generator Set general troubleshooting 1. After pressing the start button, the unit does not respond or rotates very slowly 1. Possible cause: The starting battery is insufficient Starter battery connection and plug loose Intermediate relay failure starter motor failure 2. Processing method: check the charge of the starting battery Check and fasten the starter battery wire and plug Check whether the intermediate relay works normally overhaul starter motor 2. The engine can rotate to a certain speed, but cannot ignite 1. Possible cause: No oil is ejected from the fuel injector (poor fuel supply) Fuel system leaks air The injection time of the fuel injection pump is inaccurate or the fuel injection pump is faulty 2. Treatment method: check whether there is air leakage or blockage in the oil circuit from the daily fuel tank to the fuel injection pump Open the exhaust screw to check the oil outlet Retry fuel injection Replace fuel injection pump and try again 3. Shut down after starting 1. Possible reasons: poor oil circuit, clogged filter, failure of oil pump Air filter heavily clogged Fuel injector failure temperature is too low 2. Treatment method: Check the smoothness of the oil circuit, replace the diesel filter if necessary, check the air filter, and replace it if necessary Adjust fuel injectors, replace if necessary 4. The Generator Set engine is not working properly 4.1 black smoke 1. Possible cause: The air filter is seriously blocked Wrong grade of fuel Exhaust back pressure too high Injection pump failure fuel injector bite Insufficient engine cylinder compression 2. Treatment method: check the air filter and replace it if necessary Check fuel quality (use Chinese light 0# diesel) Check the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump and readjust Check the atomization condition of the fuel injector Check whether the cylinder compression force is normal 4.2 Blue smoke or white smoke 1. Possible reasons: Improper selection of lubricating oil grade, excessive oil level Short startup time, engine temperature is too low Worn piston rings, supercharger failure 2. Treatment method: Check whether the lubricating oil is too thin, and check whether the oil level is within the specified range No need to deal with, the unit can run for a little longer Check the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder and the gap between the piston ring groove and whether the supercharger is working normally 4.3 Engine running unstable 1. Possible reasons: poor oil supply or air in the oil circuit Fuel injection pump or injector failure Air filter partially clogged 2. Treatment method: Check whether the oil circuit is unobstructed, whether the oil pipe joint is loose, whether the fuel filter is blocked, check the fuel injection timing of the fuel injection pump, whether the fuel pump rack is flexible, and check the atomization status of the fuel injector nozzle to check the cleanliness of the air filt...


    06 2023
  • What are the precautions for the design of exhaust system of Diesel generator
    What are the precautions for the design of exhaust system of Diesel generator exhaust system   The exhaust of Diesel generator is not only harmful but also high temperature, so the design of exhaust system should be paid special attention   If the back pressure of the exhaust system on the engine exceeds the specified value, the performance of the engine will be affected and the maintenance interval will be shortened   The shorter the exhaust system, the smaller the resistance (and back pressure), and the bending parts within the system have a significant impact on the resistance. The maximum allowable resistance of the exhaust system is   R=450 mmH20: All models except SR.6D   600 mmH20: SR   816 mmH20: 6D   The resistance is measured at the outlet of the turbocharger   The recommended material for the exhaust pipe is carbon steel pipe (non galvanized)   1.1 Calculation of exhaust resistance and determination of exhaust pipe diameter   The exhaust resistance is affected by exhaust pipelines and silencers, etc   The exhaust resistance of the pipeline is obtained from the following equation   Pipe Diameter  Insisde Diameter External Diameter A B 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 155.2 204.7 254.2 304.7 339.8 390.6 441.4 492.2 165.2 216.3 267.4 318.5 355.6 406.4 457.2 508.0  


    04 2023
It is committed to integrating advanced technology into practical application scenarios. The leading national generator set brand
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