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Xiamen BIAO Power Technology Co.,ltd. Who is devoted to the R&D and manufacture of diesel generator sets since its establishment in 2012,Located in Xiangan Binyinu Industrial Park, Xiamen Special Economic Zone,With modern standard production workshops and office facilities, it is a manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sell : engines, generator sets, natural gas generator sets and fans
  • Warranty For 2 Years​
    Warranty For 2 Years​
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    Fastest Delivery Time
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Make products that understand customer needs and create value for customers. With advanced technical reserves and excellent product quality, UKKMS has successfully positioned the Chinese  upscale generator set market.
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BA Power Honorable Certificates with Business License BA Power productions are submitted to ISO8525, GB/T2820-97 and CE certification, and quality certified by ISO9001 & ISO14001 Management Systems to guarantee high quality products and service. Our products are widely applied to fields in resisdential, commercial, market, electric, rental, telecommunication, railway, building, electric power, military, factories, roads, oil, shipbuilding, ect, and exported to countries all over the world. Our Engine Brands: Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, MTU, Ricardo, UKKMS, ect. Control Panel Brands: UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, Smartgen Our Technical Support: We have professional engineers and designers who have been working in genset industry for over 10 years can provide fast and effective technical solution in time. Our Warranty: We provide one year or 1000hrs operation time whichever comes first as the standard period. And Consumable parts with Air, Fuel, Lub.oil filters included, all the failures and damages due to the mal-operation or neglect of maintenance and operation manual are out of our warranty scope. Our Commitments: All the products have passed the strict factory test before shipment to ensure the high quality. Products warranty terms are strictly enforced. High efficiency assembly and production line to ensure on-time delivery. Professional, timely, thoughtful and dedicated serviced are offered. Favorable and complete original accessories are supplied. Regular and Irregular Technical Training are provided all year around. 24/7/365 Customer Service Center provides fast and effective responses due to the Customer Service Demand.
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The UKKMS Gongtai Power brand focuses on the goal of “creating a world-class emergency generator set production supplier” and “repositioning the world to be'Made in China'”
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  • Introduction to the daily fuel tank configuration of Cummins generator set fuel system
    1. The daily Fuel tank of Cummins generator set must be equipped with 1000L oil tank. A low oil level switch must be installed in the oil tank and warning signals for the 20% and 50% oil levels in two stages must be set.   2. The daiy fuel tank of Cummins generator set must be manufactured in accordance with national standards, using 4-6mm thick quality steel plates, with disc and flange shaped ends, all of which are welded.     3. The fuel tank of Cummins generator set must be equipped with a cover plate, oil level gauge, oil filling pipe sealing cap, fire extinguisher, ventilation cap, drip tray, slag discharge pipe, oil level switch, overflow pipe, manhole, oil storage gauge, etc. The oil storage gauge must be in the shape of a disc with clear markings of comparable dimensions to indicate the oil storage capacity, such as empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full positions. The calibration of the fuel gauge must be demonstrated on site.   4. Cummins generator sets must be equipped with mesh filters that do not exceed 120 mesh holes on the oil outlet.   5. If the static pressure of the Cummins generator set oil tank is not sufficient for the selected engine, auxiliary electric oil transfer pumps and their auxiliary pipelines and related power sources must be provided to transport oil from the main oil tank to the engine. All electrical devices of the oil pump, including switchgear, motor starters, and cable terminals, must be explosion-proof.       6. A "close" valve manually operated by a pull wire must be installed on the fuel tank and engine oil supply pipe of the Cummins generator set for shutdown outside the machine room in case of an accident.       7. The oil supply and return pipelines of the Cummins generator set must be 50mm away from the surface with a temperature exceeding 200 ℃. If a soft oil pipe is supplied, the selected material must withstand a high temperature of 250 ℃.       8. A half cycle rotating hand operated oil pump must be installed on the oil tank of the Cummins generator set, accompanied by a sufficiently long inlet hose, valve, tee, and cock.


    07 2023
  • Base fuel tank heating system
    The base oil tank is provided with a water circuit circulation system; a diesel engine group; a water jacket heater, and the water jacket heater is respectively connected to the water circuit The system and the diesel engine group are connected, and the water inlet of the water circulation system and the water outlet of the water circulation system are respectively connected with Electromagnetic valves and cooling radiator are respectively arranged between the water jacket heaters, and the cooling radiator are connected with the diesel engine group. This new Practical uses the water jacket heater and the water circulation system installed in the base fuel tank to heat the fuel in the base fuel tank oil through heat transfer, which not only saves additional auxiliary energy supply for cold start, but also satisfies the need to increase the fuel temperature in the cylinder during the start-up phase of the diesel generator set


    05 2023
  •  Share the function of various functional holes on the diesel engine
    For professional diesel generator manufacturers, all the parts on the diesel engine are well known, so I believe that many unit users do not know what the holes on the top of the diesel engine are for, what are their names, etc. Question, below, the power will introduce the various functional holes of the diesel engine one by one.   1. The drain hole at the lower end of the cooling water pump housing This hole is used to drain water leaking from the water seal between the impeller and casing. Make sure it is unblocked during use, otherwise the leaking water will not drain out and enter the bearing seat, thereby accelerating the damage of the bearing. the 2. The lubricating oil hole on the small end of the connecting rod and the bushing The function of this small hole is to make lubricating oil delivered to the small end of the connecting rod and its bushing in time to lubricate. If this hole is blocked, it will accelerate the wear of the bushing, reduce its service life, and cause the engine to run prematurely. to produce a knocking sound. the 3. Intake and exhaust holes on the radiator box When the engine is working, the rise in water temperature in the closed cooling system will vaporize the cooling water and generate high pressure, which will cause the radiator core tube to burst and leak water. And when the engine load becomes smaller or stops running, the water vapor in the cooling system will condense into water to lower its pressure, and the pressure difference may cause the core tube to be crushed, hindering the normal circulation of cooling water. For this reason, an air vapor valve is provided on the radiator cover, and a public air hole is arranged to communicate with the atmosphere. When the water temperature rises, water vapor is generated in the radiator, the steam valve opens, and the water vapor is discharged from the hole; when the water temperature drops, the pressure drops, the air valve opens, and the outside air enters the radiator through the hole, thus ensuring the radiator The internal pressure is stable. During use, ensure that this hole is unblocked and cannot be blocked, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation performance of the radiator and engine. 4. The vent hole on the fuel tank cap In order to prevent the fuel in the fuel tank from splashing due to vibration, the escape of oil vapor and the entry of external dust, the fuel tank should be covered and sealed. However, when the oil level is lowered due to fuel consumption, a certain degree of vacuum will be formed in the fuel tank, causing the oil pump to lose its ability to absorb oil; in addition, when the temperature is high, the fuel evaporates, and the oil vapor will cause excessive pressure in the fuel tank. Both of these situations require automatic communication with the atmosphere when there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fuel tank. For this reason, vent holes are provided on the fuel tank cap to balance the air pres...


    11 2023
It is committed to integrating advanced technology into practical application scenarios. The leading national generator set brand
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