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BA Power 200kva Cummins diesel generator set

BA Power Dongfeng Cummins 160kw 200kva Open Type
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    2-4 weeks
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    Dongfeng Cummins
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    Xiamen, China
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    T/T 30%, 70%, or LC 100% AT SIGHT
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Cummins 160kw 200kva power generator OPEN TYPE 

Prime Power: 160kw/200kva

Standby Power: 176kw/220kva

Diesel Enigne Brand: Dongfeng Cummins

Model: 6CTAA8.3-G2

Alternator brand : Engga

Alternator model : EG280-160N/160KW

Open Type Cummins diesel generator Set 200kva in detail show

Cummins diesel genset 160kw

Dongfeng Cummins open type 200kva

Open Diesel Generator standard configuration:
1. Famous brand engine couple with high quality alternator,single bearing, flange connection, IP23, H insulation class, with AVR. And IP44 is also available with extra cost.
2. Heavy duty industrial type silencer with flexible bellow.
3. Vibration Pad:Vibration damping supports between Engine/Alternator and base frame.
4. Radiator:Standard 40 or 50 Degree Radiator with safety guard.
5. Control Panel:Auto mains failure control panel, Deepsea 6120 model as standard supply.
6. Battery: High capacity lead acid battery c/w battery cables.
7. Circuit Breaker:3-pole or 4 -Pole output manual circuit breaker.
8. Base Fuel Tank:Below 500KW, skid-mounted bottom fuel tank for 8hrs full load as standard supply. Above 500kw, storage fuel tank is provided at extra cost.
9. Shipping Docs:Standrad tool kits and complete operation//manuals to Engine/Alternator/control panel,etc, Invoice, Packing List.

Dongfeng Cummins Engine/Ennga Alternator Nameplate show

Cummins diesel generator price

Deepsea 6120 Control panel in details

Cummins power generator controller

Optional Supply Scope for the Silent Canopy, Movable Trailer, ATS, Synchronizing Panel on show below

Silent Type and Container Type diesel generator sets for option

Cummins silent type dg sets

Trailer Type diesel generator sets 

Cummins generator with trailer

Automatic Transfer Switch with Wall type and standby type

Cummins power genset with ATS

Synchronizing Panel(Parallel Panel)

Cummins generator sets with Parallel panels

Each generator sets will be made testing before shippment

Cummins dg sets with testing process

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