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  • Water heater for Generator Set Diesel Engine
    Water heater for Generator Set Diesel Engine
    The water jacket heater The water jacket heater is a professional preheating device for diesel engine cooling water and lubricating oil. It is a necessary accessory device for diesel engine driving equipment when the working environment may be lower than 4°C. When the operating environment is likely to be lower than 4°C, the lubricating oil and cooling water of the engine may condense into a solid state during the starting stage, losing the effect of lubrication or cooling, thereby damaging the engine.
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    07 2023
  • practical application of ATS and corresponding product solutions
    practical application of ATS and corresponding product solutions
    3. Problems encountered in practical application of ATS and corresponding product solutions As the economy develops, modern life and modern industry are less and less tolerant of power outages. Foreign industrialized countries (especially the United States) regard ATS products as part of the power supply, and are very cautious about the selection and use of ATS products. In the dual power emergency power supply system, first choose PC-level products, and the switch is not allowed to stay in the middle of the conversion process (that is, without zero position). The purpose is to increase the reliability of the power supply, especially for UPS. Due to the different types of backup power and application environments, the ATS selection should also be different. 3.1 Problem 1: Switch synchronization problem Ordinary ATS is not allowed to transfer with large motor or high inductance load. If the large motor load is switched during operation, it will be subject to huge mechanical stress when the power supply phase gap is large. At the same time, the overcurrent caused by the back EMF generated by the motor may cause the fuse to blow or the circuit breaker to trip. Solution: If you choose an ATS with phase angle synchronous detection and switching function, check whether the two power supplies are synchronized before switching if the two power supplies exist at the same time. When the synchronization detection is qualified, the ATS is allowed to switch. At this time, ensure that the back EMF and the about-to-input The mains potentials used are synchronized so that no inrush currents can blow fuses or trip circuit breakers. 3.2 Question 2: Neutral line switching problem when matching with UPS Ordinary three-phase ATS has three-pole and four-pole classification, but the three-pole switch cannot meet the requirements of my country's power supply system that the incoming ATS must be four-pole switching and four-pole isolation. Although the four-pole ATS can meet the above requirements, it does not take into account the adverse effect of the four-pole simultaneous switching ATS on the user's load, especially the single-phase load in actual use. Since the ATS needs to be switched with load, the UPS will automatically switch to the bypass and cause the load to lose power due to the absence of the neutral line at the moment of switching in actual use. Raised and burned. If you choose an ATS with the function of zero line overlap switching (later clutch first make technology), when the phase line ends are arced during the switching process, this structure can ensure that the zero line will not be separated temporarily; and when the switching is about to end, the phase line At the same time as the arc is drawn at the end, the structure can ensure that the zero line has been reliably contacted. During the whole switching process, the phenomenon that the neutral line is vacated will not occur. 3.3 Problem 3: Maintenance and Repair Problems Once the ordinary ATS is p...
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    21 2022
  • Water-cooled alternator, do you understand?
    Water-cooled alternator, do you understand?
    Today, let's talk about water-cooled alternators first. "Water cooling" is not the direct cooling of the alternator with water, but a simple term for "air-water indirect cooling", generally referred to as IC81W (IEC60034-6 and GB/T1993 are defined as IC81W, NEMA MG1 is defined as TEWAC, and CACW is used in other places to represent air-water indirect cooling). The water-cooled alternator has the advantages of low noise, high IP protection level, and high reliability in harsh environments. It is very suitable for various ships with high requirements for generator reliability. Let's take a look at the structure and heat dissipation principle of the indirect water-cooled alternator. In the following schematic diagram, the lower half is the body part of the generator, and the upper half is the air-water cooler. The red hot air is driven by the centrifugal fan on the main shaft of the generator, and is extracted from the inside of the generator and enters the cavity of the air-water cooler. It is passed to the cooling water, so that the blue cold air flows out from the other side, and finally enters the inside of the generator, passing through the stator and rotor of the generator, so as to cool the generator. The air only circulates between the generator and the water cooler, which is completely isolated from the outside, so that the generator can prevent solid dust and water from entering the inside of the generator, so that the generator can achieve a high protection level of IP44, and even further After special treatment, it can reach the protection level of IP55. Based on the high reliability required by marine generators, in addition to the generator itself needs to be designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the specifications of the classification society, the air-water heat exchange unit of the water cooler is also a very critical component, which determines the cooling effect of the generator. thereby affecting the output of the generator. The water cooler used in the Stamford® brand generator has the characteristics of high cooling efficiency. When the cooling water temperature reaches 38°C, it can still be used without power reduction. The air-water heat exchange of the water cooler adopts double-layer water pipes and is equipped with a water leakage alarm device, so as to protect the generator from safety risks caused by water leakage. To meet the growing market demand for water-cooled generators, Cummins Generator Technologies has launched the first S7 series water-cooled generators based on the STAMFORD® brand.
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    23 2022
  • world situation is turbulent
    world situation is turbulent
    Recently, the world situation is turbulent, the economic development continues to be sluggish, the future situation is uncertain, and ordinary people have been seriously affected, resulting in frequent occurrence of extreme events. On July 8, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was attacked and killed in broad daylight and under heavy protection. The suspect was a former member of the Self-Defense Force in his early 40s. Against the backdrop of great international turmoil, such "black swan" events will only increase. It is worth noting that Abe has just died, and another country in Asia is in political turmoil.   On July 9, large-scale demonstrations broke out in Sri Lanka. People from all over the world spontaneously poured into the capital Colombo to participate in the demonstrations. The situation was out of control. Large numbers of protesters held flags and slogans and chanted slogans calling for the president to step down. More than 100,000 people gathered outside the presidential residence as local police fired shots into the sky and tried to disperse protesters with tear gas and water cannons, to no avail. The anger of the people reached unprecedented levels, and they finally broke through the cordon and rushed directly into the presidential residence. Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa was forced to leave the capital, and a large number of officials fled Colombo by plane in order to protect themselves. Faced with the extreme dissatisfaction of the people, both the President and the Prime Minister agreed to step down. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also expressed his willingness to resign in order to form a new government involving all parties. Rajapaksa informed the Speaker that he had decided to resign on July 13 to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The change of regime has temporarily calmed the mood of the people, and the chaos is far from over, as economic and social crises still plague this South Asian island nation of 22 million people
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    13 2022
  • Can two ATS control the exchange between two generator sets and mains power?
    Can two ATS control the exchange between two generator sets and mains power?
    With the development of society, people's life today is more and more inseparable from electricity, especially now the requirements for high reliability and safety of power supply are also higher and higher. In order to ensure people's life and ensure that people's lives and property are not affected and infringed by power grid outage, internal combustion engine generator set, as standby and emergency power supply, is more and more widely used in different fields, However, the generator set is only a power supply that generates electric energy. It can not directly switch between safe, fast and reliable power supply and power supply with the power grid ATS is a dual power switching device, which itself does not have the ability to start the generator. Generally, the principle of ATS is two-way input (one main and one standby). When the main power supply loses power and the standby power supply has power, it will automatically switch to the standby power supply. If you want to realize the function you want, you need to add a PLC to connect the voltage input signal of the mains power to the PLC. When there is no voltage, the PLC starts the generator, and ATS should be able to delay switching. Of course, if your ATS is programmable with input and output, you can use ATS programming directly.
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    25 2022
  • Perkins Diesel Generator Set In Stock China Can Fast to Ship
    Perkins Diesel Generator Set In Stock China Can Fast to Ship
    Big Power Small Power Perkins Generator Set On Sale With Fast Delivery Time  Perkins generator voltage regulation rate, frequency regulation rate. The voltage regulation rate is within +0.5 under the following conditions: from no-load to full-load, frequency synchronization, power factor between 0.8-0.1; random frequency fluctuation rate, from no-load to full-load; in any stable load condition Running; the maximum value of Perkins diesel generator set is +0.25% from cold engine to hot engine; the speed drop does not exceed 4.5%. 2. Perkins power generator 200kva  voltage waveform, unit technology. Open circuit, the maximum total waveform distortion is 1.5%; special welded chassis, built-in shock pad, overall hoisting and climbing; three-phase balanced load, the maximum total waveform distortion is 5%; the standard configuration of the chassis is a fuel tank that runs continuously for 8 hours, double flexible Glue the fuel connection pipe, the chassis fuel tank matches the level gauge, and the drain is blocked. 3.  perkins generator low fuel consumption telephone influence factor. High-grade paint coating, wear-resistant and durable, bright and durable, less than 50; a random set of installation manual, operation and maintenance manual, parts manual and circuit diagram; telephone harmonic factor (THF) less than 2%, in line with BS4999 part 40 standard ISO3046, ISO8528 , BS4999, BS5514, BS5000PT99, AS1359; electromagnetic influence UTE5100, VDE0530; in line with BS800 standard, VDE grade is between G and N.
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    11 2022
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