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  • Affected By The Epidemic, New Energy Power Generation Project Faces Delays In India
    Affected By The Epidemic, New Energy Power Generation Project Faces Delays In India
    Affected by the epidemic, India's 3000MW new energy power generation project faces delays According to Wood Mackenzie Consulting, India may face delays in 3,000 MW photovoltaic and wind energy projects supplier generator diesel 1500kva selangor due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The research and consulting company pointed out that because the first quarter is usually one of the busiest periods for most efficient diesel generator wind energy project installation. Analysts said that the epidemic will postpone certain projects until the summer. If the epidemic is extended beyond April, the construction of wind farms may be further postponed to the monsoon season, where wind energy installations are usually the lowest during the monsoon season. " As the construction of impotance of power generator set planned to be completed in 2020 exceeds 3 GW, the current epidemic and labor disruption may postpone the 400 MW project to 2021, which is equivalent to a reduction in the construction ratio of 11% in 2020. India's photovoltaic industry is also expected to suffer a heavy blow, because the industry is heavily dependent on the supply of Chinese photovoltaic modules (accounting for 80% of the total). "The current supply and labor disruptions will have a huge negative impact on construction in 2020. The first quarter is expected to be severely affected, compared with about 3GW in the first quarter of 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2GW." Analysts said. As supply and logistics bottlenecks still exist, Wood Mackenzie Consulting remains cautious about the prospects of the Indian photovoltaic industry in the second half of the year. Therefore, its annual decline was 2.9 GW, a decrease of 24.8%. The Indian states with the highest rates of coronavirus infection also correspond to regions that are conducive to the development of wind and solar energy. Gujarat added 58% of wind energy or 1.4 GW of new wind energy to India in 2019. As far as the impact of the coronavirus epidemic is concerned, Gujarat is one of the ten worst-hit states. In terms of solar energy, Karnataka (2.0 GW), Tamil Nadu (1.6 GW) and Rajasthan (1.7 GW) are the top three states, accounting for 55% of solar photovoltaic installed capacity in 2019. Wood Mackenzie Consulting said, "Analysts believe that the current support measures taken by the Indian government to alleviate the economic downturn are necessary, but if the epidemic continues to escalate, it will adversely affect the cash flow of photovoltaic and wind energy companies."
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    17 2021
  • Xiamen BIAO Power Branch establishment
    Xiamen BIAO Power Branch establishment
    Biao Power Xiamen is mainly engaged in diesel generator sets, with its own brand of UKKMS, It is harder to start a business, and it is even more difficult to maintain a business. I hope that all the harga genset cummins power will make every success and reach a higher level. Today’s opening ceremony is a solid first step in the Long March, a courageous attempt, and more importantly, it must rely on wisdom, perseverance, cohesion, open up the market, and be pioneering. Biodynamics Xiamen hopes that customers will support us. We hope that everyone will shoulder the mission and develop in the direction of making the industry stronger and bigger, and make our own world brand.
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    07 2021
  • UKKMS  Generator Set Use In High Way At Site
    UKKMS Generator Set Use In High Way At Site
    UKKMS Generator Set Install at site For The Highway Various types of generator china are widely used for emergency power generation on highways. As the first-class equipment on the expressway, the emergency power provides a strong backup guarantee for the normal operation of the expressway. Whether its performance can be fully utilized and the service life can reach the ideal level, in addition to the unit's own reasons, to a large extent depends on whether the diesel generator adopts the correct selection, installation, matching methods and operation methods.
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    25 2021
  • High-Voltage Generator Power
    High-Voltage Generator Power
    A high-voltage genrator salers refers to a motor with a rated voltage du above 1000V. The voltages that are often used are 6000V and 10000V. Due to different power grids in foreign countries, there are also voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V. High-voltage chinese characters generator are produced because the genritor total china power is proportional to the product of voltage and current.Therefore, the power of low-voltage grip generator service increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V). The current is limited by the allowable capacity of the wire, and it is difficult to increase, or the cost is too high. It is necessary to increase the voltage to achieve high-power output. The advantages of high-voltage generator power are large power and strong impact resistance; the disadvantages are large inertia, which is difficult to start and brake. The working principle of high-voltage motors: 1. Motor input power 2. The current produces electromagnetic induction between the stator and the rotor 3. Electromagnetic repulsion 4. Push the rotor (the stator is fixed) 5. Rotate work 6. Transmission drives other equipment
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    04 2021
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~
    As part of the celebration of the winter solstice, pagan cultures decorated their houses with green when the spring was about to come. Evergreen trees remained green on the coldest and darkest days and were therefore considered to have special powers. For those who believe in Christianity, this festival represents the arrival of the Savior Jesus into the world and brings his message of love, kindness and peace. Even if this day is not the date of Jesus' birth, but symbolic, they will celebrate the festival with joy and gratitude with their families All BIAO Power wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~BIAO POWER servicing generators All around the world, all the power generator have global warranty. 
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    21 2020
  • we have made a piece of heaven in Xiamen
    we have made a piece of heaven in Xiamen
    Xiamen is a city of innovation and entrepreneurship. " In this hot land of investment and business, countless entrepreneurs have demonstrated the vivid story of innovation driven, transformation and upgrading. The new media of Xiamen Daily has launched a series of short video columns called "we've made a piece of heaven in Xiamen". Today, we'll launch the first episode to see how Wang Wenyi started with hundreds of thousands of yuan and created hundreds of millions of yuan We believe that in the future, there will be more national enterprises generators china manufacturer that will take advantage of the “the Belt and Road Initiatives” initiative to continuously improve quality, improve their internal skills, and innovate technology. They will be called "Intelligent Manufacturing domestic  generators  in China, Intelligent Manufacturing in Xiamen" brand to the world.
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    20 2020
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