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  • High-Voltage Generator Power
    High-Voltage Generator Power
    A high-voltage genrator salers refers to a motor with a rated voltage du above 1000V. The voltages that are often used are 6000V and 10000V. Due to different power grids in foreign countries, there are also voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V. High-voltage chinese characters generator are produced because the genritor total china power is proportional to the product of voltage and current.Therefore, the power of low-voltage grip generator service increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V). The current is limited by the allowable capacity of the wire, and it is difficult to increase, or the cost is too high. It is necessary to increase the voltage to achieve high-power output. The advantages of high-voltage generator power are large power and strong impact resistance; the disadvantages are large inertia, which is difficult to start and brake. The working principle of high-voltage motors: 1. Motor input power 2. The current produces electromagnetic induction between the stator and the rotor 3. Electromagnetic repulsion 4. Push the rotor (the stator is fixed) 5. Rotate work 6. Transmission drives other equipment
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    04 2021
  •  Automatic Synchronize cabinet and principle
    Automatic Synchronize cabinet and principle
    I. Overview The automatic synchronize diesel generators steps synchronization parallel system synchronizes two or more generators to the same busbar  through an automatic electronic control device. Each china address generator control panel has special equipment, and the common equipment is placed in the output cabinet. The power is distributed through the power balancer and automatic voltage regulator 2. Combine cabinet equipment and structure 1. Synchronous Controller 1.1 Speed regulator: The regulator is prepared by the diesel unit and controlled by the central controller during parallel operation, so that the speed and load of the chinese phone number generator are controlled within the allowable error range of the set value. 1.2 Automatic synchronizer: The synchronizer compares the phase and frequency of the promate generator diesel that has not been combined with the busbarbar. When a phase difference occurs, a current signal is issued, which accelerates or slows the generator speed based on whether the generator deisel phase angle leads or lags the busbar phase angle. The size of the signal is proportional to the phase difference. When the phase and frequency match the specific "locking" time within the limited range, the synchronizer will close a set of normally open contacts and close the load air switch through relay control. 1.3 Central controller: The controller integrates the electronic governor and power balancer in one. When the vehicle is not connected, the controller accepts the signal of the automatic synchronizer to change the running speed of the china generator manufacturer list so that the voltage frequency and phase of the about power generator are equal to the voltage frequency and phase of the busbar. After combining the vehicles, compare the actual load active power of the unit of power of diesel generator with the average equivalent voltage value of the total load, and compare the voltage frequency of the generator set manufacturers in china with the set frequency. Then superimpose the difference signal obtained by the two comparisons, and output the speed control signal, so that the active load can be set according to the preset Load distribution parameters 1.4 Slow Synchronous Display (S): Once the voltage and frequency are close to the same, the display indication will slowly go back and forth between "-" and "+". When the waveforms of the chinese name generator and busbar are the same, the display will show that synchronization is occurring at the "in-phase" position. 2. Meter 2.1 Power meter (CP96): The power meter detects the load of the generator. 2.2 AC ammeter (CP96): The phase current detected by the ammeter. 2.3 AC voltmeter (CP96): The voltmeter detects the line voltage or phase voltage selected by the "voltage selection switch" 2.4 Frequency meter (CP96): Frequency meter detects voltage frequency 3. Sync protector 3.1 Reverse power protection: The reverse power protec...
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    08 2020
  • overhead heat-dissipating container-type mute power supply
    overhead heat-dissipating container-type mute power supply
    An overhead heat-dissipating heavy duty diesel generator The container-type generator set can be highly customized for the diesel ac generator according to the customer's size and noise requirements, such as: double-layer, three-layer big generator, overhead and remote-tank top diesel generators, etc. Products to meet individual needs. Have CSC certification in accordance with the International Container Safety Convention An overhead heat-dissipating generator manufacturing company, the main structure is: a horizontal radiator and an exhaust muffler are placed on the top of the container, which are arranged at the two ends of the container; the diesel standby generator is installed in the middle of the container: left side A daily fuel tank is placed at the end, and an exhaust muffler array is installed above the daily fuel tank: the air intake muffler array is arranged on the right side of the container: the axial fan is arranged between the daily fuel tank and the best diesel generator brands, Axial fans are installed on the partitions, which can prevent the generator manufacturing company from radiating hot hot air backflow; the air intake and muffler array is placed between the oil electricity generation and the output cabinet; the control panel is installed on the side of the container. The advantages of this new model are: the horizontal radiator item design is adopted, the heat dissipation of the  radiator has little effect on the temperature rise in the container, the cooling effect is enhanced, and it is more suitable for high temperature environment work; the standard 40-foot container has a large space utilization rate and unit noise Small, low manufacturing cost and good transportation convenience.
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    29 2020
  • BIAO Power Diesel Genset Container Type
    BIAO Power Diesel Genset Container Type
    Product Overview of Containerized Diesel Generator Set: The container-type diesel generator set adopts a standard container structure box, built-in top 5 power generator brand from china, and is specially designed with supporting complete equipment and accessories. After full consideration of details, the central power generators china has complete facilities and complete supporting facilities. It is convenient to operate, convenient and reliable to transport, and widely used in many occasions such as oil field, offshore operation platform, mining production line and so on. Container deisel engine generator classification The container chinese generator name is divided into two types: ordinary and silent, which are designed according to international standards and are divided into 20-inch and 40-inch specifications. The generator distributors effectively avoids some problems during transportation and has the following advantages Advantages of container direct drive motor generator in china The size is flexible and can be customized according to different needs. The appearance is beautiful, the structure is compact, and the internal space is large. At the same time, the size of the unit is the same as the size of the container, which greatly saves the transportation cost. The quiet type box is equipped with high-performance aging-resistant flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials. The cabinet adopts humanized design, with doors on both sides, and built-in inspection lights for easy operation and maintenance; the control system and output connection have been rigorously tested and received unanimous praise from the majority of users. The generators china of this series can be easily moved to the desired position at any time, and can be operated under the most demanding conditions. These latest generator use first-class reliable diesel engines as driving sources, and are equipped with international quality brushless synchronous AC power generation machine. Container product performance of containerized promate generator diesel: 1. The china generator manufacturer list has excellent frequent lifting capacity and rainproof performance. It is fully equipped, has a large space, and is easy to use and maintain. 2. The container-type generator deisel is an integrated device that can be directly lifted and transported. 3. The generator set manufacturers in china is equipped with a large noise reduction space, which can achieve better noise reduction effect under the condition of matching noise reduction accessories. 4. The electric diesel generator set is of elaborate design, complete supporting facilities, and is very convenient to maintain and use. 5. The container body of the gensets distributor is the standard size of the container, and there is no need to reserve a special box when shipping. Product features of container box of container-type diesel generator set: 1. The diesel generator manufacturer...
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    12 2020
  • How to save fuel for diesel engines
    How to save fuel for diesel engines
    1. Diesel purification.Diesel oil contains a variety of minerals and impurities.If it is not precipitated and purified,it will affect the work of the plunger and the fuel injection head, resulting in uneven oil supply, etc.,reducing engine power and increased fuel consumption.Therefore, the diesel oil is needed to stand for a period of time,so the impurities are precipitated,and remembering filtering the funnel while refueling. 2. Maintain water temperature. If the temperature of the cooling water of the diesel engine is too low, the combustion of the diesel oil will be incomplete, affecting the power consumption and wasting fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to use the thermal insulation curtain properly. It is preferable to use soft water containing no minerals, such as flowing river water, for the cooling water. 3. Remove carbon deposits. In the diesel engine, there are polymers attached to the valve, the injector and the top of the piston. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time. 4. Do not overload the work. Black smoke is emitted during mechanical overloading, which is fuel emissions that are not fully burned. As long as the machine often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of components. 5, regular inspections, timely maintenance.
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    12 2019
  •  Low load/zero load running time can not last more than 10 minutes
    Low load/zero load running time can not last more than 10 minutes
    Ideally should at least run around 25%-30% of rated output. Low load/zero load running time is less than 10 minutes. What will happen if the diesel generators run under low loads for Running an engine under low loads causes lower cylinder pressures and consequent poor piston ring sealing since this relies on the gas pressure to force them against the oil film on the bores to form the seal. Low cylinder pressures cause poor combustion and resultant lower combustion pressures and temperatures. Hard carbon also forms from poor combustion and this is highly abrasive and scrapes the honing marks on the bores leading to bore polishing, which then leads to increased oil consumption (blue smoking) and yet further loss of pressure, since the oil film trapped in the honing marks is intended to maintain the piston seal and pressures. Unburnt fuel leaks past the piston rings and contaminates the lubricating oil. Poor combustion causes the injectors to become clogged with soot, causing further deterioration in combustion and black smoking.
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    01 2019
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