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  • Solutions to noise reduction of diesel generator set
    Solutions to noise reduction of diesel generator set
    Solutions to noise reduction of emergency generator the types of electric power generation is a kind of mechatronics equipment that converts the chemical energy of fuel into electrical energy. Today, with the increasing modernization, especially with the vigorous development of computer networks and communications, the equipment also has requirements for the reliability of power supply. Increasingly, because the UPS power supply has the problem of short power supply time. This makes diesel generator sets have a broad space for development, but while diesel silent generator provide convenience for people, the noise of the generator sets directly affects people's health, work and life. With the gradual improvement of people's environmental requirements, how to solve and overcome the above problems has become the key to the application and development of diesel generator sets. Here we focus on the occurrence and solutions of diesel generator sets. According to the working principle of diesel generator sets, the generation of noise is very complicated, which can be divided into the reasons and locations: 1. Exhaust noise; 2. Mechanical noise; 3. Combustion noise; 4. Cooling fan and exhaust noise; 5 .Inlet wind noise: 6. Generator noise. The following is an explanation of these six parts: 1. Exhaust noise: Exhaust noise is a high-temperature, high-speed pulsating airflow noise, which is the most energy and component part of engine noise. It is much higher than the intake noise and the mechanical noise radiated by the body, and it is the most important part of the total engine noise. Its fundamental frequency is the firing frequency of the engine. The main components of exhaust noise are the following: low-frequency pulsating noise caused by periodic exhaust smoke, air column resonance noise in the exhaust pipe, Helmholtz resonance noise of the cylinder, high-speed airflow through the valve gap and tortuous pipes When the noise, eddy current noise, and the regenerated noise generated by the pressure wave in the exhaust system are excited by the pressure wave in the pipe, the noise frequency increases significantly with the increase of the airflow speed. 2. Mechanical noise: Mechanical noise is mainly caused by the gas Vibration or mutual impact caused by the periodic changes of pressure and motion inertia force, the most serious of which are the following: the noise of the piston crank connecting rod mechanism, the noise of the valve train, the noise of the transmission gear, and the unbalanced inertia Mechanical vibration and noise caused by force. The strong mechanical vibration of the diesel generator set can spread to various places outdoors through the foundation long distance, and then form noise through the radiation of the ground. This kind of structural noise spreads far and attenuates, and once it is formed, it is difficult to isolate it. 3.Combustion noise: Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise produced by diesel fuel during...
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    26 2021
  • Cummins diesel generator sets
    Cummins diesel generator sets
    Cummins diesel generator sets use Dongfeng/Chongqing Cummins engines, which are highly reliable, easy to repair and maintain, have long continuous operation time, and have long working hours. They have won the favor of users in ports, railways, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries. As a foreign investor in the Chinese engine industry, Cummins owns Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (produces B, C and L series) and Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (produces M, N and K series) and other manufacturing companies in China. Uniform quality standard production. Cummins  global service network provides customers with reliable service guarantee.   Chongqing Cummins generator curent diesel Company is an enterprise that designs, produces and sells diesel engines and compressed natural gas engines in the world today. cummins generator model ntpdf has invested more than 140 million US dollars in China. As a foreign investor in China’s engine industry, Cummins has eight joint ventures and wholly-owned manufacturing companies in China. Among them, Dongfeng Cummins produces B, C and L series diesel engines, and Chongqing Cummins produces M , N and K series diesel engines. The products comply with ISO 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1, GB1105, GB/T 2820, CSH 22-2, VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000 "Technical Requirements for Communication types of power generation and other standards. B, C, L series of Dongfeng Cummins diesel generator sets · Adopt Dongfeng Cummins B, C, L series engines, in-line 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models. The displacement is 3.9L, 5.9L, 8.3L, 8.9L, etc., and the power coverage is 24KW-220KW, with advanced technology and reliable performance. M, N, K series Chongqing Cummins diesel generator set ·Chongqing Cummins M, N, K series engines include in-line 6-cylinder, V-shaped 12-cylinder, V-shaped 16-cylinder and other models. The displacement is 14L, 18.9L, 37.8L and so on. Advanced technology, reliable performance, long continuous operation time, stable operation in various environments, and convenient maintenance and maintenance. Its power range is 200KW-1200KW, mainly used in mining, power generation, marine, rail cars and petroleum machinery. Cummins engine structure characteristics (1) Most of them are equipped with the company's unique PT fuel system (except for the B and C series). (2) All adopt ω combustion chamber. (3) The cam followers are all rollers. (4) Most of the fuel and oil passages are drilled in the cylinder block and cylinder head. (5) Wet cylinder liner, which is phosphated. (6) The crankshaft is forged with alloy steel, and the journal is induction hardened. (7) The first ring groove of all pistons has a nickel alloy cast iron insert to improve the life of the ring groove. IMPORTED CUMMINS SERIES ZD-250GFQ 312.5 250 QSL9-G5 6L 114/135 8.8 199 3150×1100×1920 2420 ZD-380GFQ 475 380 QSX15-G6 6L 137/169 15 197 3430×1200×2065 4100 ZD-400GFQ 500 400 QSX15-G8 6L 137/169 15 198 3430×1200×20...
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    19 2021
  • The Gpower Hold In June, Shanghai-2021
    The Gpower Hold In June, Shanghai-2021
    Exhibition Introduction As the development bellwether of global power and generator diesel super silent industry-Shanghai International Power and Generator Sets Exhibition (referred to as GPOWER), which hosted by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Data Center Committee (CDCC), China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association Emergency Power generator diesel silent Equipment Committee, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Internal Combustion Power Generation Equipment Branch, and organized by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will be held on 17th-19th June 2021 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibit Profiles 1,Distributed energy and energy storage Natural gas distributed energy system, Regional energy system, Waste heat power generation system, LNG cold power generation, Solar photovoltaic distributed power generation system, Biomass power generation system, Biogas power generation, Garbage power generation, Wind energy distributed power generation, Fuel cell power generation system, Small hydropower distribution Distributed power generation systems such as integrated power generation systems, Coal-bed methane and mine gas utilization; Physical energy storage (compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, heat storage energy storage, cold storage energy storage, etc.) superconducting magnetic energy storage, Electrochemical storage Energy (lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, lead-acid battery, sodium-sulfur battery, flow vanadium battery), etc.; 2,Generator Sets Industrial generator diesel generator set, Gas generator sets, Gasoline generator sets, Biogas generator sets, Combined heat and power, Gas turbine generator sets, Marine generator sets, Explosion-proof generator sets, Mobile emergency power vehicles, Mobile lighting towers, Trailer mobile generator sets, Hydrogen power generation , ORC power systems, Emergency diesel water pump, Cold chain logistics (refrigerated container) dedicated diesel generator set, Heavy oil power station, etc. 3,Engine Diesel engines, Gas engines, Gas turbines, General gasoline engines, Engines for power generation, Engines for construction machinery, Commercial vehicle engines, Marine engines, Engines for agricultural equipment, Hydrogen engines, Methanol engines, Engine core components, Engine remanufacturing and manufacturing equipment. 4,Generator Alternator, Low, medium and high voltage generators, Marine generators, Land generators, Special generators, Special generators for refrigerated vehicles, Permanent magnet generators, Wind generators, Turbo generators, Hydroelectric generators, Hydrogen energy Generators, Stirling Generators, Generator core components. 5,Auxiliary equipment, Parts, Oil, Radiators, Silencers, Emission treatment, Load Banks, Control systems, Fuel systems, Filtration systems, Cloud service, Instruments, Accessories; Lubricants, Cleaning agents, additives, etc. 6,Produ...
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    21 2021
  • Affected By The Epidemic, New Energy Power Generation Project Faces Delays In India
    Affected By The Epidemic, New Energy Power Generation Project Faces Delays In India
    Affected by the epidemic, India's 3000MW new energy power generation project faces delays According to Wood Mackenzie Consulting, India may face delays in 3,000 MW photovoltaic and wind energy projects supplier generator diesel 1500kva selangor due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. The research and consulting company pointed out that because the first quarter is usually one of the busiest periods for most efficient diesel generator wind energy project installation. Analysts said that the epidemic will postpone certain projects until the summer. If the epidemic is extended beyond April, the construction of wind farms may be further postponed to the monsoon season, where wind energy installations are usually the lowest during the monsoon season. " As the construction of impotance of power generator set planned to be completed in 2020 exceeds 3 GW, the current epidemic and labor disruption may postpone the 400 MW project to 2021, which is equivalent to a reduction in the construction ratio of 11% in 2020. India's photovoltaic industry is also expected to suffer a heavy blow, because the industry is heavily dependent on the supply of Chinese photovoltaic modules (accounting for 80% of the total). "The current supply and labor disruptions will have a huge negative impact on construction in 2020. The first quarter is expected to be severely affected, compared with about 3GW in the first quarter of 2019, a year-on-year decrease of 1.2GW." Analysts said. As supply and logistics bottlenecks still exist, Wood Mackenzie Consulting remains cautious about the prospects of the Indian photovoltaic industry in the second half of the year. Therefore, its annual decline was 2.9 GW, a decrease of 24.8%. The Indian states with the highest rates of coronavirus infection also correspond to regions that are conducive to the development of wind and solar energy. Gujarat added 58% of wind energy or 1.4 GW of new wind energy to India in 2019. As far as the impact of the coronavirus epidemic is concerned, Gujarat is one of the ten worst-hit states. In terms of solar energy, Karnataka (2.0 GW), Tamil Nadu (1.6 GW) and Rajasthan (1.7 GW) are the top three states, accounting for 55% of solar photovoltaic installed capacity in 2019. Wood Mackenzie Consulting said, "Analysts believe that the current support measures taken by the Indian government to alleviate the economic downturn are necessary, but if the epidemic continues to escalate, it will adversely affect the cash flow of photovoltaic and wind energy companies."
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    17 2021
  • High-Voltage Generator Power
    High-Voltage Generator Power
    A high-voltage genrator salers refers to a motor with a rated voltage du above 1000V. The voltages that are often used are 6000V and 10000V. Due to different power grids in foreign countries, there are also voltage levels of 3300V and 6600V. High-voltage chinese characters generator are produced because the genritor total china power is proportional to the product of voltage and current.Therefore, the power of low-voltage grip generator service increases to a certain extent (such as 300KW/380V). The current is limited by the allowable capacity of the wire, and it is difficult to increase, or the cost is too high. It is necessary to increase the voltage to achieve high-power output. The advantages of high-voltage generator power are large power and strong impact resistance; the disadvantages are large inertia, which is difficult to start and brake. The working principle of high-voltage motors: 1. Motor input power 2. The current produces electromagnetic induction between the stator and the rotor 3. Electromagnetic repulsion 4. Push the rotor (the stator is fixed) 5. Rotate work 6. Transmission drives other equipment
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    04 2021
  •  Automatic Synchronize cabinet and principle
    Automatic Synchronize cabinet and principle
    I. Overview The automatic synchronize diesel generators steps synchronization parallel system synchronizes two or more generators to the same busbar  through an automatic electronic control device. Each china address generator control panel has special equipment, and the common equipment is placed in the output cabinet. The power is distributed through the power balancer and automatic voltage regulator 2. Combine cabinet equipment and structure 1. Synchronous Controller 1.1 Speed regulator: The regulator is prepared by the diesel unit and controlled by the central controller during parallel operation, so that the speed and load of the chinese phone number generator are controlled within the allowable error range of the set value. 1.2 Automatic synchronizer: The synchronizer compares the phase and frequency of the promate generator diesel that has not been combined with the busbarbar. When a phase difference occurs, a current signal is issued, which accelerates or slows the generator speed based on whether the generator deisel phase angle leads or lags the busbar phase angle. The size of the signal is proportional to the phase difference. When the phase and frequency match the specific "locking" time within the limited range, the synchronizer will close a set of normally open contacts and close the load air switch through relay control. 1.3 Central controller: The controller integrates the electronic governor and power balancer in one. When the vehicle is not connected, the controller accepts the signal of the automatic synchronizer to change the running speed of the china generator manufacturer list so that the voltage frequency and phase of the about power generator are equal to the voltage frequency and phase of the busbar. After combining the vehicles, compare the actual load active power of the unit of power of diesel generator with the average equivalent voltage value of the total load, and compare the voltage frequency of the generator set manufacturers in china with the set frequency. Then superimpose the difference signal obtained by the two comparisons, and output the speed control signal, so that the active load can be set according to the preset Load distribution parameters 1.4 Slow Synchronous Display (S): Once the voltage and frequency are close to the same, the display indication will slowly go back and forth between "-" and "+". When the waveforms of the chinese name generator and busbar are the same, the display will show that synchronization is occurring at the "in-phase" position. 2. Meter 2.1 Power meter (CP96): The power meter detects the load of the generator. 2.2 AC ammeter (CP96): The phase current detected by the ammeter. 2.3 AC voltmeter (CP96): The voltmeter detects the line voltage or phase voltage selected by the "voltage selection switch" 2.4 Frequency meter (CP96): Frequency meter detects voltage frequency 3. Sync protector 3.1 Reverse power protection: The reverse power protec...
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    08 2020
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