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25kva to 80kva Cummins diesel generator for sale

BA Power 25kva to 80kva Industry Use Diesel Generator On Sale
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    2-4 weeks
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    Dongfeng Cummins
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    Xiamen, China
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    T/T 30%, 70% or LC 100% at sight.
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Cummins Series Power Generators

♦ Assembled by Cummins diesel engine and famous brand alternator.
♦ Radiator and fan with safety guard.
♦ Automatic control panel and 3 poles circuit breaker, internal cable.
♦ Battery charger and float battery charger as standard supply scope.
♦ Built-in anti-vibration pad.
♦ High strength stand strong base.
♦ Optional voltage: 230V/400V, 220V/380V, 127V/220V, 240V/480V etc.

4 cylinder cummins diesel engine for sale

Standard Supply Scopestandby diesel generator silencer

Optional Supply Scope 

ATS, Synchronize System, Daily fuel tank, Soundproof canopy, Trailer, Auto Fuel Pump, Fuel and Water Separator, Lub oil heater, Elec .coolant heater, Oil drain Pump

Best China synchronize panel

Alternator Technical Data

Brushless 3 phase generator

Alternator adopts brushless synchronization alternator of world famous brand, based on a variety of operating voltage requirements, optimizing winding design and eliminating effectively the third harmonic voltage,which together with the superior performance of automatic voltage regulator andPMG (optional) in with superior performance in generating Non-liner loads.

Control Panel

We can supply UK Deepsea, Czech Comap, China Smartgen with below features: 

Deepsea generator control panel

♦ Protection: Automatic start/stop, load transfer and alarming of generator
♦ CAN and magnetic pick-up versions
♦ PC and front panel configurable
♦ 6 digital inputs, 4 analogue inputs, 6 outputs
♦ 3 phase generator and mains voltage monitoring
♦ Advanced metering capability       
♦ Test button

♦ Power switch for city and power generation unit               
♦ Reasonable structure and key layout                         
♦ Supports 6 languages display (Chinese, English, France, Thailand, Turkey, Arabia)
♦ Can simultaneously detect a variety of engine parameters  
♦ Modules can be configured according to customer needs                     
♦ IP65 protection class (silent type)  

Circuit Breaker Specification

generator circuit breaker below 100A

Starting Battery Specification

generator battery charger 80 to 200A

Our Sales Promise

★ Products and services comply with ISO8528 and GB/T2820 manufacturing standards.   
★ In accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system implementation.
★ All products are certified by CE.
★ All products are passed strict factory testing to ensure the high quality of product.
★ Strictly according to the product warranty terms.
★ High efficiency assembly line, ensure on-time delivery.
★ Professional, timely, thoughtful, enthusiastic service quality.
★ Preferential supply of pure original factory.
★ Regular and occasional technical training.
★ Customer service center provides the full year 365/24 hours service with rapid and effective response.

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