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Double Shaft Parallel Inertia Brake Trailer mounted generator sets

Double Shaft Parallel Intertia Brake Trailers for 120kw to 200kw gensets.
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Double Shaft Parallel Intertia Brake Trailers, all are available for 120kw to 200kw trailer mounted diesel generator sets, which are the independant, complete power generator device and system.
 150kva dg set with movable trailer
High Performance: Suitable for outdoor or mobility work; the silent canopy is good sealing, rainproof, safely use. 
Tow Bar: It adopt height adjustable device, movable hook. It turns flexibly, easy to operate. 
Base Frame: Use steel plate spring vibration, adopts steel welding to frame structure, node reasonable, with high strength and best rigidity. 

200kw 250kva diesel generator set with movable trailer

Axle: Adopt round steel pipe welding straight through axle, with compact structure, reliable and safe. 
Brake System: Provide reliable air brake connector and manual brake, make sure the safety of driving. 
Electrical Indicator: Provide steering and braking indicating lamps, and the tail light compliance with the traffic requirement. Manual or Motorized electrical cable hinged plate and cable, plug and socket, ect can be equipped with according to the request of user. 

360kw to 400kw diesel genset with trailer

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