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BIAO Power Diesel Genset Container Type

Jun. 12,2020

Product Overview of Containerized Diesel Generator Set:

The container-type diesel generator set adopts a standard container structure box, built-in top 5 power generator brand from china, and is specially designed with supporting complete equipment and accessories. After full consideration of details, the central power generators china has complete facilities and complete supporting facilities. It is convenient to operate, convenient and reliable to transport, and widely used in many occasions such as oil field, offshore operation platform, mining production line and so on.

Container deisel engine generator classification

The container chinese generator name is divided into two types: ordinary and silent, which are designed according to international standards and are divided into 20-inch and 40-inch specifications. The generator distributors effectively avoids some problems during transportation and has the following advantages

Advantages of container direct drive motor generator in china

The size is flexible and can be customized according to different needs. The appearance is beautiful, the structure is compact, and the internal space is large. At the same time, the size of the unit is the same as the size of the container, which greatly saves the transportation cost. The quiet type box is equipped with high-performance aging-resistant flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials.

The cabinet adopts humanized design, with doors on both sides, and built-in inspection lights for easy operation and maintenance; the control system and output connection have been rigorously tested and received unanimous praise from the majority of users.

The generators china of this series can be easily moved to the desired position at any time, and can be operated under the most demanding conditions. These latest generator use first-class reliable diesel engines as driving sources, and are equipped with international quality brushless synchronous AC power generation machine.

Container product performance of containerized promate generator diesel:

1. The china generator manufacturer list has excellent frequent lifting capacity and rainproof performance. It is fully equipped, has a large space, and is easy to use and maintain.

2. The container-type generator deisel is an integrated device that can be directly lifted and transported.

3. The generator set manufacturers in china is equipped with a large noise reduction space, which can achieve better noise reduction effect under the condition of matching noise reduction accessories.

4. The electric diesel generator set is of elaborate design, complete supporting facilities, and is very convenient to maintain and use.

5. The container body of the gensets distributor is the standard size of the container, and there is no need to reserve a special box when shipping.

Product features of container box of container-type diesel generator set:

1. The diesel generator manufacturers for oil field can be equipped with explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof switches, explosion-proof cabinets, worktables, sling hooks and other facilities, and can be equipped with special sleds or sledges to meet the special operations of container power stations in the oil field Claim.

2. The generador chino for offshore platforms, the box body can be sealed, can be equipped with electric shutters, and equipped with complete windproof hooks, wave prevention and reinforcement facilities, etc., fully adapted to high salt fog, high humidity and condensation on the sea And other harsh environments.

Container box experiment of generator engines:

The container box of the enertec diesel generating set customized by our company will carry out various data analysis and product load experiments on the product, and the product quality is safer and more reliable

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