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Mitisubishi Diesel Generator Set 500kw to 2000kw

Aug,06 2018

BA Power Series Mitisubishi Diesel Generator sets use Mitisubishi engine as the power source, which are produced by Shanghai  MHI Engine Co., Ltd(SME). Regarding to SME, It's a joint venture between Japan Mitisubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (MHI) and Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (SDEC ). SME mainly produces S6R2/S12R/S16R Series Engines under the authority of MHI, provide the power scopy from 500kw to 2000kw for land use diesel generator sets. It's available for 50Hz and 60hz.

BA Power diesel generator powered by MIT

Open Type Mitsubishi Diesel Generator with standard configuration as below:

1. Famous brand engine couple with high quality alternator

2. Large size cooling radiator

3. Heavy duty steel base frame

4. Strong anti-vibration mat

5. Standard free maintenance battery

6. AC alternator for battery charger

7. Famous brand controller and breaker

8. Optional fuel tank, silent canopy, ATS, synchronization panels.

Container Type Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set with Perfromance

Container Type Mitisubishi Generator

● More than 2mm thick steel to make the canopy.

● High quality paint materials and strict powder paint processing.

● large-scale impedance combined type silencer effectively reducing noise of the generator.

● Stainless steel door locks and hinges and 1800Crevolvable and disassemble door for easy maintenance.

● High quality soundproof and insulation materials could efficiently reduce noise.

● Transparent viewing window make the control panel clear at a glance.

● Lifting ear is mounted in the base frame for easy pull.

● Elegant appearance and reliable quality.

●From 10kva to 700kva we use normal silent canopy, more than 700kva we are using containerized canopy.

● ISO standard 20GP, 40GP and 40HQ sea container canopy for options.

● Standard sea container canopy is easier for shipping.

Mitisubishi generator adopts Deepea Generator Controller

Mitisubishi Generator Control panel

1. Operation Buttons

2. LCD display

3. Power Indicator

4. Lamp on/off switch

9. MCCB using for protection

5. Power on/off switch with key

6. Enginer Generator Controller

7-8. Voltage and Speed Trimmer

9. MCCB using for protection

10. Speed Controller

11. Wiring Connection Terminals

12. Mains Battery Charger

13. Protection Relay

BA Power Series Mitisubishi Generator set with optional supply scope as below:

Automatic Transfer Switch, Synchronizing panel, Mobile Trailer, External fuel tank, spare parts, etc.

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