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The Gpower Hold In June, Shanghai-2021


21 2021

Exhibition Introduction

As the development bellwether of global power and generator diesel super silent industry-Shanghai International Power and Generator Sets Exhibition (referred to as GPOWER), which hosted by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Data Center Committee (CDCC), China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association Emergency Power generator diesel silent Equipment Committee, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Internal Combustion Power Generation Equipment Branch, and organized by Ronco Expo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will be held on 17th-19th June 2021 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Exhibit Profiles

1,Distributed energy and energy storage

Natural gas distributed energy system, Regional energy system, Waste heat power generation system, LNG cold power generation, Solar photovoltaic distributed power generation system, Biomass power generation system, Biogas power generation, Garbage power generation, Wind energy distributed power generation, Fuel cell power generation system, Small hydropower distribution Distributed power generation systems such as integrated power generation systems, Coal-bed methane and mine gas utilization; Physical energy storage (compressed air energy storage, flywheel energy storage, heat storage energy storage, cold storage energy storage, etc.) superconducting magnetic energy storage, Electrochemical storage Energy (lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery, lead-acid battery, sodium-sulfur battery, flow vanadium battery), etc.;

2,Generator Sets

Industrial generator diesel generator set, Gas generator sets, Gasoline generator sets, Biogas generator sets, Combined heat and power, Gas turbine generator sets, Marine generator sets, Explosion-proof generator sets, Mobile emergency power vehicles, Mobile lighting towers, Trailer mobile generator sets, Hydrogen power generation , ORC power systems, Emergency diesel water pump, Cold chain logistics (refrigerated container) dedicated diesel generator set, Heavy oil power station, etc.


Diesel engines, Gas engines, Gas turbines, General gasoline engines, Engines for power generation, Engines for construction machinery, Commercial vehicle engines, Marine engines, Engines for agricultural equipment, Hydrogen engines, Methanol engines, Engine core components, Engine remanufacturing and manufacturing equipment.


Alternator, Low, medium and high voltage generators, Marine generators, Land generators, Special generators, Special generators for refrigerated vehicles, Permanent magnet generators, Wind generators, Turbo generators, Hydroelectric generators, Hydrogen energy Generators, Stirling Generators, Generator core components.

5,Auxiliary equipment, Parts, Oil, Radiators, Silencers, Emission treatment, Load Banks, Control systems, Fuel systems, Filtration systems, Cloud service, Instruments, Accessories; Lubricants, Cleaning agents, additives, etc.

6,Production process and equipment

Casting, Machining, Forging, Machine tools, Molds, Assembly and debugging, Testing equipment, Various special manufacturing equipment and new technologies, new materials, new processes or scientific research results, etc.

International Power and Generator Sets Exhibition

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