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Diesel generator market anlysis in Africa

Diesel generator set has been widely used in the market. This is because: first, a lot of diesel generators for emergency power generation, as hospitals, Banks, airports, hotels, communications and other industries of standby power, belong to the intermittent oil equipment, less sensitive response to oil price increase, the cross elasticity of demand is small. This part of the market demand does not generally affected by the oil price hike. Second, in many application fields, diesel generating sets the lack of alternative products. Diesel generator set can be used as mobile power supply, make its in many areas - need to move operations of ship power, oil drilling, engineering repair, military and other hard to replace. Look at Africa with diesel engine under the market analysis.
      According to foreign media reports, because the African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania supply shortages, the diesel generator market demand rapid growth in these countries.
      Famous overseas research institution recently released Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania diesel generator study revealed that in 2014, the three countries of diesel generator market earnings reached $134.7 million, $44.5 million and $145.1 million. Predicts 2018, the data will be increased to $168.5 million, $654 billion and $220 million.
      Low cost, short construction period is diesel generator market under the circumstances of global development of renewable energy to achieve the main reason for the counter attack. More content, please refer to the report hall of the diesel generator industry market research and analysis report.
      Kenya's state-owned power companies KPLC said, extreme drought results in the decrease of power generation, the company to rely on diesel generators.
      Analysts said, "is very common in Uganda, blackouts, need 5 hours per week on average to lightening the load, the enterprises have to re-enable diesel generator. This leads to a enterprise want to maintain uninterrupted production, you'll have to rely on diesel generators, which will promote the steady growth of market demand."
      In recent years, the reform of mechanism of Tanzania, constantly seeking to attract more foreign capital, one of the important part is the privatization of state-owned enterprises, which makes more efficient resource allocation, reduce corruption. On the other hand, it reduces the cost of doing business, has given rise to demand for diesel generators. Gas field in East Africa, however, found that a growing interest in natural gas and electricity market, and gas generator operating cost is lower than diesel generators, so the development of the diesel generator market still faces fierce competition.
      On the other hand, more and more poor quality, cheap diesel generator supplier destroyed the reputation, workers lack of technology cannot choose appropriate diesel generators, so lead to equipment often cannot work normally.

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