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8kva to 230kva Korean Doosan Diesel Backup Generator

BA Power 8kva to 230kva Industry Use Generator Current Diesel On Sale
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    BD 8KVA-230kva
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    2-4 weeks
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    Xiamen, China
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    T/T 30%, 70% or LC 100% at sight.
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Korean Doosan Engnine Powered Series Power Generating s

Assembled by Korean Doosan Diesel engine motor generator set and famous brand alternator.

♦ Radiator and fan with safety guard.
♦ Automatic control panel and 3 poles circuit breaker, internal cable.
♦ Battery charger and float battery charger as standard supply scope.
♦ Built-in anti-vibration pad.
♦ High strength stand strong base.
♦ Optional voltage: 230V/400V, 220V/380V, 127V/220V, 240V/480V etc.

Doosan Genset Photo

Doosan generator set in detail

 Doosan Generating  Korean Doosan brand new generator

On sale brand new generator   Diesel generating



How does Diesel Generator Work?

Use range of diesel generator set

In the communication system, once the mains interruption, generally rely on the battery to ensure that the rectifier or UPS and other equipment uninterrupted power supply. However, the battery capacity is limited, if the power outage time is longer, there is bound to be the risk of power down, so to provide some backup power to ensure the safety of power supply. At present, the most commonly used backup power is diesel generator sets.

Diesel generator sets

In short, a diesel generator is a device that drives a diesel-driven generator to output electrical energy.

Diesel engine principle:

In the cylinder, clean air and high pressure atomized diesel fully mixed, squeezed upward in the piston, the volume is reduced, the temperature rapidly increased to reach the ignition of diesel. Diesel is ignited, violent combustion of mixed gas, the rapid expansion of the volume, pushing the piston down, known as work. Each cylinder in turn according to a certain order of work, the role of the piston on the push through the connecting rod into the power to promote the crankshaft rotation, which led the crankshaft rotation.

Brushless alternator principle

The brushless synchronous alternator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the diesel engine to rotate the generator rotor, the use of 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output induced electromotive force, the closed load circuit will be able to generate current.

Here only describes the basic working principle of the generator set. To get a usable and stable power output, a series of diesel and generator controls, protection devices and circuits are also required.


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